Services Offered

Biofield Tuning

A Biofield Tuning will take 1 hour.  In person, the client will be fully clothed lying on a massage table.  In a distance session, it's your call what you wear.  The pendulum will determine the focus of the tuning and whether it is the front or back of the client.  The work will commence at the outside of your biofield (aura) and work toward you body and energy centers (chakras).  The conclusion will be that all of your energy centers will be open and that the emotional triggers will start the process of releasing and healing.

Sonic Meridian Flush

A Sonic Meridian Flush will take 1 1/2 hours.  The client will be fully clothed lying face down on the massage table.  It begins with a Spinal Walk, where tuning forks "walk" up each vertebrae to the head, then various points are activated in back, head, and feet.  Then the client turns over and the tuning forks continue to work on the head, face, shoulders, and chest.  Then both arms and legs are tuned; to include the fingers, hands, wrists, toes, feet and ankles.  This will leave the client completely relaxed literally from head to toe and your electrical body will be flowing as it should.  This is very beneficial for anyone that has experienced a broken limb, tennis elbow, banged up knees, carpel tunnel, etc.,  as it help the energy flow again where it once was stuck.  You should notice relief from inflammation.

Tuning Fork First Aid

Tuning Fork First Aid is generally 1/2 hour, it can be in person or a distance session.  It is on a specific area and can be a current or older issue;  broken legs, ankles, arms, wrist, etc.  Working the head and face relieves sinus pressure, clears "brain fog".  I will use the tuning fork to send healing sound energy to the area.   Since our body is basically water with an electrical current flowing through it; the sound of the tuning fork helps break through any congested area.  I have seen this process eliminate the constant swelling on an ankle below 60-year old healed broken leg.  The energy was not flowing completely through the break until the first aid.​  The energy can move through replacement parts: hips and knees.


A distance session is a session conducted on the phone.  I set the intention that a hologram of you is projected onto my massage table and work as if you were actually on the table.  Interestingly enough, it works wonderfully.  For me, a distance session is only feasible only with  a Biofield tuning or any first aid tuning.  I prefer that you are physically available for the Sonic Meridian Flush.  If you are interested in a Distance Session, please go to the Store tab.

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