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Instead of counting the scars from being hurt in the world, we can find and re-kiss the very ​spot in our soul where we began to withhold our trust.


Be like the sunflower, always look for the Light...and Shine!

April 2, 2019

Sound Balance Can Get You to the Other Side

Be​ Victorious, Release It, your reward is PEACE and Harmony, let me help you do just that.  A lighter you is a happier you, let go of those burdens.

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February 14, 2019

This little bird is not perfect as it only has 1 leg, but as you can see it is perfectly balanced for what it needs. Biofield Tuning is sound balancing therapy that can get you to be perfectly balanced as well. Using specially designed tuning forks designed by Eileen Day McKusick, I can help you release all those traumas, stories, negative emotions that hold you back from being perfectly balanced again. I look forward to re-balancing your perfect story.

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March 15, 2019

Here is YOU and your BIOFIELD, it is your "force field," your aura that surrounds you all the time. For me, it represents the "story" of your life, your ancestry, your DNA everything that makes you "YOU"! I can help you bring you into perfect balance by releasing all of those triggers, traumas, inner child fears and anxieties that have held you back for so long. Sometimes we are aware of them, sometimes we have stuffed them down so deep as a self preservation response that we aren't aware of their existence until something similar pushes that trigger. Perhaps, it triggers you to explode, yell, cry, become quiet and run away; whatever your trigger response it can be RELEASED and HEALED. Let me help you get back to perfect balance so you can SHINE your beautiful light again.