Discover how BIOFIELD Tuning can bring you back into BALANCE and let you SHINE Again.

Hi there, I am Annette Lesonsky, welcome to my adventure.

I am a Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner having studied under Eileen Day McKusick at her Biofield Tuning Institute (see https://www.biofieldtuning.com)   In addition, I am a Certified Usui/Holy Fire Reiki II Practitioner, having studied under Margaret Annutto at Infinite Grace (see https://www.4infinitegrace.com ), which complements biofield tuning beautifully.  This adventure of mine started about 2 years ago, just prior to my retirement as a Supervisor Auditor for the Federal Government.  Right about now, you are probably scratching your head, a "number cruncher" to a holistic healer...that is a stretch.  I was being "called" take some classes at the Merrimack, NH Adult Education, which re-started my spiritual journey.  My plan was to take an exercise class, however the only class that jumped out and said "Pick Me" was an Angel class.  I have always been a person that "goes with my gut."  Loved the class, continued with a Introduction to Chakras, How to Read the Akashic Records, Understanding the Laws of Attraction and Usui/Holy Fire Reiki classes.  At a Reiki share group, there was a guest speaker who demonstrated Biofield Tuning; I was hooked by the simplicity of this modality with tuning forks.  I came to the meeting with a pounding headache, the moment the tuning fork circled my head, my headache was gone, I was back in balance.  Excitement overtook me, I needed to learn how to do this to keep myself in balance and help my family.  The Biofield Tuning Institute opened a new, calmer, balanced world for me.  I found a way to give back in my retirement and make a difference.   After retirement, my husband & I and the dogs moved to my happy place, Moultonborough, NH on beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee. I am still finding my way through retirement in the Lakes Region but I am thrilled that Biofield Tuning will be a part of this new adventure.